Copyist at the Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art of Paris, C.ValérieK. has been painting with oil for 25 years and lives between Paris and New York. Influenced by Delaunay, Dufy and Macke for their sense of color and their boldness, C.ValérieK.’s creations spread joy, energy and enthusiasm, which she wants to convey with humor.
C.ValérieK. also makes paintings on demand


C.ValérieK.'s Painting develop 4 themes:

Copy, Personalized Copy, Symbolic Composition or Portrait and Inspired Creation.

A Copy is a reproduction of the piece made at the museum or studio. Dimensions must be at least 10% smaller or larger than the actual size of the original piece, without the artist's signature, with a museum stamp and my signature on the back.

A Personalized Copy is a reproduction of a famous work, while replacing a face or an element of the canvas by the requested subject

The Symbolic Portrait or Composition gathers with humor, on a single canvas, a realistic portrait of a subject and, in form of symbols, his universe (family, astrological sign, character traits, career, studies, activities, passions, places, anecdotes...).

Inspired Creation is a painting that I realize with my feelings of the moment.